OTIIMA is currently available in four different main series according to the glass type:
16, 26, 38 and 54. These series are developed in five systems: Classic, Plus, Comfort, Drain, Open and Fusion.


OTIIMA series are divided on 5 systems according to the respective technology: Classic, Plus, Comfort, Drain and Open.

Standard sliding system, with excellent performance levels in water tightness, air permeability, resistance to wind loads and also thermal insulation.

The evolution of the Classic System, the Plus System offers not only a significant aesthetic improvement, with all aluminum profiles flush with the finish materials of the building, including the bearing guide profile, but also an outstanding performance improvement in water tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind loads. The Plus System also provides to the glazed panes a superior stability, provided by horizontal bearings (stabilizers).

Thinking on sustainable architecture, we develop a new system solution that focus on the user comfort, with maximum thermal insulation. The Comfort System has been created to meet all the new passive house certifications, according to the most demanding label standards, such as Minergie and Passivhaus.

Imagine a sliding window with no visible frame profiles – it is what the Drain System offers you, a system completely built-in on the finish materials. Beyond that, the Drain System incorporates a drainage profile channel, able to drain a large amount of rainwater, even in extreme rainfall situations. The Drain System achieved exceptional result in the water tightness test, with an outstanding E1650 class (seven classes above the class 9A), according EN 12208.

System that complements all the OTIIMA sliding systems, but now as an opening system. Using some of the profiles of the sliding series, we created the Open System, with the exact same measures of the Classic, Plus and Comfort Systems. Available in the following typologies: casement, tilt & turn and pivot opening. You can now combine opening systems and sliding systems in the same building, always ensuring the same view of the profiles.

Imagine a sliding window with no visible frame profiles – it is what OTIIMA FUSION system offers you – a system completely built-in on the finish materials, as if the window was merged with the building, becoming only one.

Beyond that, the fusion system incorporates a drainage profile channel, able to drain a large amount of rainwater, even in extreme rainfall situations.

OTIIMA FUSION system is innovative and the only known existing system which is completely built-in on the four sides of the frame, allowing the perfect fusion and continuity between interior and exterior space.


OTIIMA is the perfect solution for you project, when the combination of quality, high technology and aesthetics are the main reasons for your choice.

  • By using self-supporting glasses, OTIIMA systems pushes back architectural limits and offers the possibility to use glazed surfaces up to 36 Sq. m per pane.


  • From the floor to the ceiling, a 20mm vertical reinforced profile provides a minimal appearance, merging indoor and outdoor into one, with top quality guarantee. The slim and elegant handle, provides a streamlined appearance, which combined with the special OTIIMA rolling system, guaranties an easy hand opening and maintenance of the panes.

Optionally, for an even higher level of comfort, the system can be motorized

and automatically remote controlled.


  • Exceptional water tightness performances; air permeability and wind resistance


  • Exceptional binding polyamides and high energy performance glasses assure a top thermal and acoustic efficiency and comfort feeling. OTIIMA is available in single, double and triple glass.


  • In combination with a safe toughened glass, the OTIIMA exclusive security lock system assures a high quality level of security to the windows. With the brand new security system, OTIIMA offers you a hidden lock, an elegant solution unique on the market.


  • OTIIMA offers a full and complete range of solutions according to each architecture project needs.


  • A technical team especially dedicated to each national market is in charge of each project, accompanying and providing technical assistance, assembly and after-sales service.


Your needs, our solutions

Luminous and playful solutions can be manufactured by OTIIMA sloped and curved glasses.

Chalenge us!

Let’s choose a total comfort by filtering part of the light, or completely closing it. As an option, sun protection system can be integrated on the inside or outside of the window.

As an option, each OTIIMA window can be motorized. Today, we can put our automatism at any position of the window.

The OTIIMA motorization system, has now an exclusive technology that allows you to easily switch from automatic to manual opening, by clutch disengagement.

This system becomes highly useful if the automatism becomes inoperable, in case of general failure of electricity and if the backup batteries get discharged. The motorization system can be applied in every type and OTIIMA series offering the option of superior, lateral of interior installation.

You are now able to operate your windows motorization with classic switches of by a global home automation system. This second solution offers new possibilities for a safer and more comfortable environment.

The OTIIMA windows are equipped with highly efficient security solutions.

In addition to the traditional manual locking systems, you can choose an automatic electromagnetic lock and for an even higher level of security, you can equip your window with alarm cells.

Our windows come standard equipped with a multiple point lock system.



To manage access control, or for optional security, a hidden electromagnetic lock can be included into OTIIMA windows.



With the safety band installed on the whole extension of the handle, the user’s safety will always be guaranteed.



The OTIIMA new generation windows allows a perfect integration of alarm cells.



OTIIMA windows are equipped with highly efficient security solutions.



With the new generation of OTIIMA hidden security locks, it is possible to apply a security system, where the window opening only occurs when the operator uses both hands. This safety system is especially effective preventing the use by children.

As an option, gutter system can be incorporated to your OTIIMA windows in order to drain off the rainwater.

You can now equip your OTIIMA joinery with a mosquito net system, wich now offers you the freedom to keep the window open without reducing visibility or air flow, and protects you from external parasites.

The mosquito net can be installed on our sliding panels parallel to the OTIIMA window, indoors or outdoors, on a dimension of 3×3 meters (larger dimensions under consultation).

It can also be fixed using a retractable vertical roller, hidden in the window cover, for maximum opening size of 40cm.

OTIIMA offers a complete range of finishing types: anodized and powder coating (all RAL colour standard).

Special surface treatments: polished, brushed or textured (Sablé Collection).

Finishings such as bronze, stainless, golden or wooden, are perfectly possible.

All OTIIMA finishing solutions are guided by the best international quality standards, established by the European responsible entities: Qualanod, Qualicoat and Qaulideco.

An innovative hidden system that provides the anti-condensation process on the glasses.

This system also potentiates the defrosting of ice formations inside the gutter system of the window, providing an improved water drainage even in extreme weather conditions.